My Sensitve New Age Bag- Prada BN 2274 Cameo

Yesssss!! Today I’m going to blog about my biggest passion in life….. a topic on BAGS ahahahaha just a thought on them gets me all excited ahhahaha but not to worry Im not going to go on and on on stories of all my bags. Im just going to be focusing on 1 particular bag of mine and of course the purpose of writing on this special bag is not to show off… This is not even my most expensive bag… Nonetheless… i just want to share how I fell in love with this bag…Imagepics from original prada website. This is how the beauty look like!!!!

Before I go on to share with you why i think this beauty is a real brainer in my opinion… I shall touch on how I got this bag in ┬áthe 1st place ­čÖé

I first saw this bag last year, didnt think much of it as I was not a fan of nude colours then…. 1 fine day earlier this year, I went boutique shopping with my bff, she was raving on this bag and we went to the MBS boutique to try them up… Yes i was captivated by the versatile look of this bag… it is not small, it has a sling to fit the fashion requirement of the bag and the colour seems to go well with most outfit… perfect!! The only thing that is not so perfect i would think, at that point of time was the price!! I was thinking to myself.. goodness!! Im not going to blow S$2980 on a Prada!!! Way too much to spend on a Prada bag… With that price Im sure you can buy a small Chanel if you top up a little more… But even with that, i couldnt seems to take my mind off the bag hahaha opps

From then, I even brought different people to the various outlets to try on the bag to convince myself that i didnt like this bag so much heehee Obviously my efforts failed as i fell even deeper in love with every try.

I was totally elated when my gf offered to get her stewardess friend who was flying to Milan to buy the bag as Europe was only selling the bag at euro 1190! It was only S$2000 after conversion! Turned out, she didnt go on her trip as she found out her pregnancy prior to the trip. And there after, I tried asking a few other friends who were going Europe for trips, for businesses etc to get the bag for me, they either couldnt find the boutique or they didnt have the time… so it was disappointment 1 after another for me….
I then went on a US trip in September and I was quite determined to get the bag no matter what… Turned out, firstly the bag wasnt available in the store that I went, secondly it still will cost me at least S$2700 after conversion and tax.. hence, I missed that bag yet AGAIN…. I was devastated ahhaha for a bag…goodness.. I was quite sure I do not have the affinity with this bag… I had so many chances to get the bag that I love, at the price that I desired to pay but I missed them and so many times… and it has been almost a year

And finally… 1 lovely day…. Santa took a pity on me and ta ta ta!!!!!! I found the lovely bag sitting pretty on my lovely bed when I reached home!!!

ImageImageMy love got it for me as our 2nd anniversary gift!!! He is absolutely lovely right!!!!! Love him to maxxxxx….It was a total surprise as we just came back from States hence i never expect him to spurge…. I was happy, moved and angry at the same time hahahaha but why the anger… well …we still paid S$2980 for the bag… after going a whole big round… ­čśŽ

Oki oki I know I was going out of topic… I was supposed to share why i think this bag is a beauty as well as a brainer…. what i wanted to share was I absolutely love the design and the architecture of the the interior of this bag! Its the best among all my beauties so far…. It has many smart compartments that help to eliminate the need of various pouches in the bag… you do not need additional handphone pouches/ cases, you do not need to bring make up pouches etc It┬ábrilliantly┬ácompartmented all the various stuff that you need to put in your bag┬á┬á



It comes with two small pockets for handphones.. esp cool for people like who owns two handphones… it has another two slots in the middle for cards, pens and a small pocket for keys. It also has two big size compartments, 1 of which for your important stuff like wallet, coin purse, card holders and another one for your cosmetics… and the main compartment naturally is reserved for all your other stuff like bolly, tissue etc.. totally brilliant isnt it? It is almost perfect for a girl like me who like to load their bags with loads of stuff.. it lessen the weight of the stuff that you need to bring with the elimination of pouches and cases

Now are you totally captivated by this beauty… just like me? Im sure you do ahhahahhaha i really hope that there will be more bags that come out with brilliant designs like this.. for bags lovers like us… this is certainly a bonus… This bag is a real charmer, internal and externally… its certainly a beauty with brain ­čÖé┬á




Intro to my Travel Magic Helper- The Hand Mask Packs!

After my trip to Hongkong in June, im officially crazily in love with something ahhahaha that is the hand mask pack! I started using them two years back when my bff bought 1 from Korea for me to try. I love it but sadly the supply in Singapore was scares. I only managed to find them in Sasa stores and limited brands were available. Since then, I never fail to travel with them. Why so? Anyone who took a plane before should be aware that few hours on flight actually drys up your skin and hands are esp visible in my opinion. And here you are, the savior to the wrinkled skin on your paws hahahaha So for the past two years whenever I travel, I will buy these hand mask packs from Sasa Stores and will even supply them to my girlfriends who traveled with me hahahha i will wear them throughout the flight even though the recommended timing is only 20 mins. Trust me, the result is so much more better than any hand┬ámoisturizer you can find in the market. And the best thing about wearing them on board is, you dont normally do much stuff on board with your hands hence its the best time to pamper your hands! My love will have to serve me like a princess whenever we go on board hahahah┬á┬áAnd you cant imagine how many packs I brought along for my recent trip to states hahaha ­čÖé

ImageThis is how the hand mask pack look like…I got the assorted brands from Hongkong Sasa!

I think there are a few brands that are available in Singapore Sasa too, but HK still has more variety and much cheaper… I tried some of the brands, not all. Some are two in one and some are two in two. What do I mean by that? Two in one means, there is only 1 sets of mask in the pack, outside dry, inside moist. And two in two means, there are actually two sets of mask in the pack, one sets of wet mask and one sets of dry ones. You will need to wear the wet one before wearing the dry ones. I prefer the two in twos, why? The two in twos are usually made of cotton and not paper hence is more moisturize than the paper ones.┬á

ImageImageImageAssorted brands that I got from Hongkong. They are mostly two in ones.. moist mask inside,  dry mask outside

ImageMy personal Favorite! I found this in Singapore guardian! It comes in a box of three packs. This is the one with two in twos, 1 sets of wet mask and 1 sets of dry mask, very sweet wine smell, very moisturizing! But sadly, I only managed find them in Holland Village and Paragon branch, hope they will not discontinue them…

ImageThis is how the pack looks like ­čÖé

Image┬ádada! Opps that’s the make-upless me on board hahahah on my flight to Europe hahaha pardon me, thats the only pics I can find myself with these magic helper ahahha I will try to remind myself to take more pics with them when i go on board the next time k ­čśŤ

Do remember to give them a try on your next trip too… Im sure you will fall crazily in love with these magic helper too ­čÖé lots of love