Intro to my Travel Magic Helper- The Hand Mask Packs!

After my trip to Hongkong in June, im officially crazily in love with something ahhahaha that is the hand mask pack! I started using them two years back when my bff bought 1 from Korea for me to try. I love it but sadly the supply in Singapore was scares. I only managed to find them in Sasa stores and limited brands were available. Since then, I never fail to travel with them. Why so? Anyone who took a plane before should be aware that few hours on flight actually drys up your skin and hands are esp visible in my opinion. And here you are, the savior to the wrinkled skin on your paws hahahaha So for the past two years whenever I travel, I will buy these hand mask packs from Sasa Stores and will even supply them to my girlfriends who traveled with me hahahha i will wear them throughout the flight even though the recommended timing is only 20 mins. Trust me, the result is so much more better than any hand moisturizer you can find in the market. And the best thing about wearing them on board is, you dont normally do much stuff on board with your hands hence its the best time to pamper your hands! My love will have to serve me like a princess whenever we go on board hahahah  And you cant imagine how many packs I brought along for my recent trip to states hahaha 🙂

ImageThis is how the hand mask pack look like…I got the assorted brands from Hongkong Sasa!

I think there are a few brands that are available in Singapore Sasa too, but HK still has more variety and much cheaper… I tried some of the brands, not all. Some are two in one and some are two in two. What do I mean by that? Two in one means, there is only 1 sets of mask in the pack, outside dry, inside moist. And two in two means, there are actually two sets of mask in the pack, one sets of wet mask and one sets of dry ones. You will need to wear the wet one before wearing the dry ones. I prefer the two in twos, why? The two in twos are usually made of cotton and not paper hence is more moisturize than the paper ones. 

ImageImageImageAssorted brands that I got from Hongkong. They are mostly two in ones.. moist mask inside,  dry mask outside

ImageMy personal Favorite! I found this in Singapore guardian! It comes in a box of three packs. This is the one with two in twos, 1 sets of wet mask and 1 sets of dry mask, very sweet wine smell, very moisturizing! But sadly, I only managed find them in Holland Village and Paragon branch, hope they will not discontinue them…

ImageThis is how the pack looks like 🙂

Image dada! Opps that’s the make-upless me on board hahahah on my flight to Europe hahaha pardon me, thats the only pics I can find myself with these magic helper ahahha I will try to remind myself to take more pics with them when i go on board the next time k 😛

Do remember to give them a try on your next trip too… Im sure you will fall crazily in love with these magic helper too 🙂 lots of love