Amazing March!!

March had been an amazing month, as always!! I love March for the plain reason that its my birth month wahahahhaha March has always been a non stop fun filled celebration month for me for many years.. It was eventful with lotsa food food food friends friends friends and pressie pressie pressie & good news hahahah

Bear with me as this will be a photospam blog with lotsa pics hahahhaImagewent spa/ dinner with the girls to celebrate Agnes Birthday. Massage was at arab street and  I find them a bit disappointing.. dinner was great with the right companion though 🙂 lazy me without eye make up after spa heeImageImageThe lovely birthday girl with her cake 🙂

Imagewas very happy to chance upon tiramisu hero at bali lane… tried it for the 1st time… simply amazing!!! 

Imagewent for my monthly TCC treats. This month spread didnt delight me much except for the cute chickie macaron

Was waiting anxiously with my buddy for her princess arrival and secretly hoped that she can have the same birthday as me or little pet however the lovely little apple came on the 6th!!! Was really happy for my bud as she waited for 5 years for this day and it wasnt an easy pregnancy for her… god bless them.. the baby is really cute!!ImageLittle apple 🙂 after I posted this pics online, everyone tot her name is apple hahahah Apple suits her well isnt it? little fuji apple

and of course my birthday month must haves… a beautiful sets of nails!Image

Imagehad my 1st round of celebration with girl 🙂 but opps forgot to take pics with her 😛

Imagewent irodori jap buffet with my team.. yummy food

March was also an eventful for my career.. had few tense discussions with boss and there were something good that came out the tense discussions.. just hope for the best for now hahaha


Imagewent tian de to celebrate MIL’s birthday.. she’s also a march bb hahahah can you tell that these are all vegetarian?? 

Imagemy lovely boss got me my 1st birthday cake of the year hahhah and of coz my fav!!! Twelvecupcakes!! love them!!!

Imagemet my lovely darling for dinner and shopping. Really adore these pics as she is a serious person hence these actions are really rare hahhaah cute right? but whatever made her do that???? gigantic zits hahahaha.. unbelievable

and of course on my big day… what we did again… camwhore and EAT hahahaImageImageImagewent for good english hitea at tea lounge at Regent hotel… nice pastry but too much for my liking.. and guess what we had for dinner??

ImageBirthday cake from the Patissier! I always wanted to try their cakes but that day… it was really way tooooo much for me.. too cakey  but the cake was really nice though… we finished almost 3/4 of it that night.. ahhhhhrrr

And again the month ended with a good buffet with the girls…Image

ImageHi tea buffet at crossroad cafe, marriot hotel.. spread is so-soImage my new fav hairdo wahahahh


as you can see, it was really a sinful month for me, right? Am contemplating if i should go all veg for the next two week.. omg! Nevertheless I’m really thankful to my love, my family and all my beautiful friends for their love and presence in my life all these years.. Thanks for the lovely month.. love you all muack…