Sunset at Santa Monica Pier

Love and me went for a partial self drive trip to states last year. We only drove in LA as we didnt want to drive all the way to Vegas or San Francisco. We stayed a good 6 days in LA.

LA is really big and I really cant imagine getting around without self drive. Its so unlike Singapore whereby you will hardly spend more than 1 hr getting to anywhere on the island. It was our first self drive trip and was really quite enjoyable. Can tell that he enjoyed the experience as he got to tried on 2 other cars other than our Sasa and it was really fun driving on a different highway ahhahaah

Before the trip we were discussing on where we wanted to cover in LA since we have ¬†6 days and of course we have a few must go places on mind, Disney, Universal studios, Hollywood sign, 2 outlets etc and 1 place which we couldnt really decide on was Santa Monica and even on the arrival we cannot really decide whether we have time for it. But we didnt regret the decision to go… I saw the most amazing sunset at Santa monica! Undescribable¬†there is nothing like that in Singapore!



ImageReally look like a big yellowish egg yolk isnt it? That’s the closest we even get with the sun, i think

ImageImageImageImageImageImageIt was with mixed feelings when we saw the yolk disappearing right before our eyes.. was really beautiful but was a sense of lost somehow..

ImageSo happy that we have left our footprints on such a beautiful place on earth.. miss the place.. Dont think we will have a chance to ever go back there again..